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Chandeliers are one of the most important design features in your home. Whether you're looking for modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, rustic chandeliers or traditional chandeliers there's a unique chandelier that will be sure to turn heads in your home. 


Chandelier Tips: 

  • When hanging a chandelier over a table the bottom of the chandelier should be 32-36" above the table surface. 
  • The width of the chandelier should be 6-12" less than the width of the table. 
  • For Entry way chandeliers, measure the size of the entryway, width and length and add those two numbers together and multiply by 1.45. Example, if you have an entry way that's 15' X 15' = 30 X 1.45 = 43.5" wide. So a chandelier around 43" - 48" wide would be an acceptable size. 
  • Take into account the height of ceiling. Anything under 10' high needs a considerably smaller chandelier and the previous rule would not apply.