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Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is no longer just an area to prepare food; it’s now a space for entertaining, reading the paper, doing homework, and eating on a whim. Your kitchen is a very multi-functional space and such an environment will need a complimentary and sophisticated kitchen lighting design. Here at 1STOPLighting we have a selection of kitchen lights that will entertain your guests, aid everyday tasks, and complete your kitchen decor. Let us light up the heart of your home and create an ultimate lighting scheme for your kitchen.

Using the Lighting Layer Method is a good approach to kitchen lighting. It’s a concept that allows you to choose versatile kitchen lighting for optimal use in the space and will help complete your kitchen design.

A good kitchen design will incorporate the following Lighting Layers:

“While adding layers of light means that you are blending light for optimal comfort, in a kitchen you’re also lighting what’s important. That means that lighting in the kitchen, then, is all about versatility.”

The right recipe for kitchen lighting also depends on the kitchen size and combination of lighting layers used. For example, small kitchens may require only a central kitchen ceiling light fixture and task under cabinet kitchen lighting. More elaborate kitchens will demand a blend of well placed recessed lighting, a main kitchen ceiling light, as well as a kitchen island light or several pendants over an island. In addition it would be a good idea to incorporate under cabinet kitchen lighting to provide excellent task lighting as well as ambient light at night. Others might be more partial to a more industrial kitchen and would prefer standard fluorescent kitchen lights. Whether you have one layer or three, consider the use of a dimmer for your system. A dimmer allows you to set the mood for your kitchen and adjust the lights as needed.

Just remember if your kitchen lights do not have a purpose of being there, then you don’t need it. Every fixture should have a task or multi-functional purpose in your kitchen. With the appropriate combination of lights, your lighting scheme will be versatile and help complete your kitchen décor.

1STOPlighting's lighting consultants, with over 30 years of combined experience, are ready and willing to assist you in designing the correct lighting plan specifically tailored to meet your kitchen needs – whether you need under cabinet lighting, kitchen lighting pendants, kitchen island lighting, or anything else. Our vast selection is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number and live chat. Remember to ask for our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE! We look forward to meeting all your kitchen lighting needs.

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