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In 1930, Quoizel Lighting was established in the state of New York. For decades, Quoizel has been a leading manufacturer in the lighting industry. Quoizel Lighting has grown immensely in size over the past 80 years. However, this family owned business has still managed to preserve their small business heritage and values. They’ve recently relocated to a new state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Their growth is the direct result of unique designs, product integrity, uncompromising quality control and most importantly, dedication to service and reliability. Quoizel has remained a company built on high levels of integrity and quality services in every aspect of their business. They have maintained a leadership position in styling through innovation and attention to detail. Quoizel Lighting’s promise is to bring timeless design to the home, while building lasting relationships along the way. With Quoizel, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

Not only do they sell lighting, they also sell eloquent home décor. Quoizel’s timeless designs are crafted with you in mind. Quoizel thoughtfully designs their products with the customer’s specific needs in mind. By avoiding trends and fads, they create timeless pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come. There’s no need to worry about your light going out of style.

Quoizel has a large assortment of lighting fixtures. They have an extensive line of ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, outdoor lighting, and wall sconces. They also have a large selection of bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting. No matter what room you’re looking for, Quoizel Lighting carries enough lights to illuminate the entire home. Quoizel has brought home illumination to a whole new level. Whether you need lighting for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, backyard, front yard, foyer, bedroom, or any other space, Quoizel Lighting has your light. Choose from a dozens of different finishes and finishes. Choose from a plethora of finishes such as antique brass, satin nickel, bronze, chrome, copper, and even a unique brick finish. Each fixture is also made of only the highest quality materials. Quoizel uses sturdy materials such as iron, steel, and stone, ensuring that your fixture is long lasting. They even use exquisite crystals and glass pieces to give your room an extra flow of elegance.

Affordability is valued by Quoizel Lighting. They recognize that times are tough in this economy. However, beautiful lights can still be budget friendly. Beautifying the house does not need to break the break. Providing quality products while prices reasonable is one of Quoizel’s top priorities.

Quoizel features many distinctive collections that will add an extra level of flair to the home. The Monterey Mosaic collection is one of their most special designs. The blend of colored glass with the unique mosaic pattern will dazzle in any space.  On the contemporary side, Quoizel Downtown collection will give a home a contemporary look. The clean lines and detailing are simple, yet still add sophistication to any space.

Quoizel has one of the best selections in the industry for tiffany lighting. Coming in a variety of styles, Quoizel’s tiffany lights bring elegance and sophistication to the home. Collections such as Gotham, Belle Fleur, and Inglenook have timeless designs that will add exquisite style to any space. Each Quoizel tiffany light has a very distinct style.  Tiffany lights also add a pop of color to any space. The rich colors of the glass match essentially any color in the home. Deep reds, cool blues, ­­­­calm greens, rich browns, and simplistic cream colors make these fixtures truly beautiful. Tiffany lights aren’t just a lighting fixture—they are a work of art. Quoizel’s tiffany fixtures beatify while they illuminate. A light that is aesthetically pleasing is equally important as the function of the light. With Quoizel, function and décor always come together.

Quoizel has an extensive assortment of mirrors that are great for the bathroom, living room, foyer, or any other space. From contemporary to traditional, these mirrors come in many different styles. The modern collections such as the Perry or Demitri collections use simplistic curves and angles, making these mirrors very sleek and contemporary. The Englewood and Monterey Mosaic mirrors, however, are much more traditional and will add a more antique look to a space.

Quoizel Lighting brings superior products into your home. The unparalleled quality and thoughtfully crafted designs are what makes Quoizel special. Expect quality designs at affordable prices from Quoizel Lighting.

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